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Student Loans (Co-op students)
Student Loans (Co-op students)

Students with loans from Student Loan Fund and with the co-op placement in the workplace outside the University are eligible to ask for a refund of the dormitory fee by following the steps below.


  1. Collect a dormitory refund form at the Dormitory Services.
  2. Complete the form carefully. Then present it to the Student Loan Unit to examine it before submitting it for approval to the Vice Rector.
  3. Once the approval was granted, students can check with the Student Financial  Office, Division of Finance and Accounting, Telephone: 0 4422 4098 if the dormitory fee of that particular trimester is transferred.
  4. Once the dormitory fee has been transferred, students can either ask for the refund at the time or after coming back from the co-op practicum. If students do not do anything about it before taking the co-op practicum and if the dormitory fee has already been transferred to the University, it will be refunded to the Student Loan Fund.

****If students are granted loans for a maximum of 4 times and still have not graduated, they must report their students’ status to the Student Loan Fund. Otherwise, a letter asking to pay the debts will be sent to the student after the due date. (Report forms: available at the Student Loans Office)
Students who have been granted loans and are going to graduate must report to the Student Loan Fund at any branch of Krung Thai Bank Limited within 15 days after the University Council has approved the graduation.

Students who have been granted loans must keep their bankbook until the payment of the loans is completed.

For further information, please contact
Krung Thai Bank Headquarter
Telephone: 0 2290  1442-5 Fax: 0 2614-6771

and/or the Coordinating Student Loan Unit
Krung Thai Bank
Nakhon Ratchasima Branch 
Telephone: 0 4424 2644 0 1669 9661

For the SUT student who needs to apply for a loan (after having been granted  loans for 4 times), is eligible to do so after the 2nd  week of the cooperative  trimester but the student must completely pay for the registration fees first or have completed the petition process to defer the fees through the Center for Educational Services.  When the loan is approved, the student must contact the Legal Officer to sign a contract. Then contact the Division of Finance and Accounting to pay for the registration fees.

To pay off the loans to the University, a lump sum can be paid once or it can be done monthly. If the option is to pay monthly, the amount of money paid must not be less than 2,000 Baht (Two thousand Baht.). If it is not been paid for 3 consecutive months, the University will have to pursue legal actions. 

Students who may need to borrow money for emergency purposes during the co-op term must process it prior to the co-op term and the payment must be completed one week after returning from the co-op.

Students who have had loans and will graduate must submit a copy of the document certifying the students’ graduation. Then contact the Student Loan office for a form to notify them of the changes in the borrower’s information and employment.

For further information
Contact the Office of Financial Educational Aid
Division of Student Affairs
Telephone   0 4422 3121, 0 4422 3114-5
Fax   0 442 3119

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