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Roles of the Chairperson of the Supervisory Instructors
Roles of the Chairperson of the Supervisory Instructors

In order to make the Cooperative Education successful, there must be a group of lecturers from every faculty with a student on Co-op who are responsible for advising the students and coordinating with the staff of Cooperative Education Program.   Aside from the Academic Advisor, the lecturer from the university whose students are going on Co-op is responsible for the supervision of the students and establishments and to coordinate with the Cooperative Education program staff. Thus their responsibilities are as follow;

  1.  Consider and approve the student’s petition for change in Co-op status (resign or withdraw from the co-op program) or to defer a co-op term.
  2. Give advice or recommendation on the registration for Cooperative Education Program and in performing various kinds of Co-op activities.
  3. Collaborate with Academic Schools in examining the Co-op students’ qualification.
  4. Collaborate with the Center for Cooperative Education regarding the students’ placement process.
  5. Certify the quality of work offered by the workplace.
  6. Supervise while students are on the job.
  7. Collaborate with Academic Schools in evaluating the students on Cooperative Education. 
  8. Coordinate with the instructors of the Academic Schools in organizing Cooperative Education activities.
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