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Steps of Supervision
Steps of Supervision
Instructors’ supervision
  • The Co-op officials will coordinate with the Chairperson of each Academic School in order to make a supervision plan for the whole trimester.  The instructors of each Academic School together with Co-op officials will plan the supervision schedule which is during week 5-12 of the co-op term. Its purpose is to give feedback and suggestion in terms of the students’ performance and conduct in the workplace. Therefore, students doing their Cooperative Education must be supervised at least once during the Co-op Practicum.
  • It is required that 2 workplaces will be visited in one day unless the workplaces are very close which may require visiting more than 2 workplaces at once. In the case that it takes more than 6 hours round trip from Nakhon Ratchasima Province to the workplace, one workplace visit is allowed.
  • The Co-op officials and the workplaces must coordinate with each other to arrange the date and time for the supervising instructors to visit the workplaces.
  • The Co-op officials will collect the students’ files and the details of the workplaces to be submitted to the advisors in 1-2 working days prior to the visit.
  • The supervising faculty supervises on appointments. The tasks of the supervisors are the following: check the students’ quality of work and report their responsibilities with the workplace, monitor the performance and progress reports of the students, and counsel and help solve some problems that may arise in both academic and personal development of the students. If the workplace does not understand the principles of Cooperative Education, it is the supervising faculty’s job to help them understand, then submit a report about such matters to the Center for Cooperative Education for record purposes.
  • Students should know the supervision schedule of their instructors. If they are not available on the scheduled time or day due to some reasons, they must report it to the Center for Cooperative Education or to their supervisor in order to be able to make a new schedule for supervision.
  • In case of problems, the supervising faculty should meet with students and the workplace staff individually at first, then arrange a conversation with them together to solve the problems. The meeting may last for less than an hour.
  • Whenever possible, the supervising faculty may meet the manager/CEO of the workplace to exchange ideas and improve relationships with the university.
  • After returning from supervising, the Academic advisor must evaluate the supervision. The evaluation includes the quality of the workplace as well as the students. A supervision form must be filled out and sent to the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development.
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