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The importance of international Cooperative Education

“…..I believe that the International Cooperative Education, when fully operated, can absolutely enhance our graduates’ work performance across cultures. It provides efficiency for knowledgeable workers to move more effectively to achieve the objectives. The International Cooperative Education is one of the ways to prepare the graduates to compete in the ASEAN Economic Community Market that is happening in the near future. During the International Conference on Cooperative Education in mid- 2011 hosted by Thailand, there was an exchange of knowledge and experience in the Educational Organizations of every country.  Furthermore, the agreements of collaboration on exchanging international co-op students were signed by various universities including many Thai universities attending the conference.  This collaboration will encourage the Thai students to learn to work and learn the culture of the country they’re in on their Co-op work term. It opens up new experience for them. 
If the universities in ASEAN countries will cooperate in the International Cooperative Education, it will substantiate the students as well. The exchange of students between countries in the region will help to strengthen and develop the graduates in ASEAN countries. This will also result in strengthening the local economy with AEC (ASEAN Economic Community). Therefore, students must prepare to learn more languages, not necessarily English which is considered the global language. The language and culture of other countries are equally important. It is very important for students to prepare for them.”

This is part of the keynote speech on cooperative education with students’ development for the ASEAN Economic Community by Prof. Dr. Wichit Srisa-arn, President of Cooperative Education Association in Thailand.