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International Cooperative Education
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International Cooperative Education Qualifications
  1. Students must be in second year or third year and are interested and willing to work on Co-op overseas (ASEAN and other Regions).
  2. Students must attend the preparatory program for Cooperative Education both domestic and abroad at the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development.
  3. Students must have a Grade Point Average at the time of application for co-op work (GPAX) of at least 2.5 and not lower than what the workplace has determined.
  4. Students must pass the other criteria specified by the workplaces abroad like the results of English exams, interview by the workplace over the phone, etc. 
Guidelines in Job Application and Recruitment              

              The Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development (CCECD) allows students to apply within 2 terms prior to their co-op work. For example, if students would like to go for co-op work in term 3/2012, they must request for the application form by term 1/2012, etc. This is done in order for the CCECD to have time to coordinate the work details and the workplaces abroad.