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International Cooperative Education
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The International Cooperative Education
  1. Piloted the International Cooperative Program Academic Term 3/2011 – 1/2012
    January – April 2012 Preparation for Cooperative Education both local and international (1 term)
    May 2012 Students go for their Co-op to workplaces abroad (16 weeks) September 2012 Last day of Co-op work
  2. Second Batch of Co-op Students Academic Term 1/2012 – 1/2013
    May 2012 – April 2013 Preparation Program for both local and international Cooperative Education (1 year or 3 Academic terms)
    May 2013 Students go for their Co-op in workplaces abroad (16 weeks) September 2013 Last day for Co-op work

* Some of the students who did the co-op preparation during the Academic terms 1/2012 – 3/2012 might go for their co-op during the academic year 1/2013 and 2/2013 depending on the co-op schedule of each academic field.

The process of implementing the International Cooperative Education

  1. Publicize the International Cooperative Education and invite the target students to join the activities introducing the program.
  2. Announce that application is going on for the International Cooperative Education program.
  3. Students submit their application and their parents’ permit to work for Co-op abroad.
  4. The names of the students who are qualified to participate will be announced. 
  5. Students attend the activities in preparation for the International Cooperative Education (the Co-op Center is responsible for organizing this activity twice per Academic year in academic terms 1 and 3). The activities are as follow:
    1. Getting to Know the ASEAN Community
    2. English for the Workplace
    3. Fun English with Friends
    4. Inter Co-op Experiences Sharing
  6. Students submit the survey requirements for Co-op abroad.
  7. Students submit the survey and the application form for Co-op abroad.
  8. The Center for Cooperative Education coordinates with the workplaces abroad to find appropriate and quality work for the students
  9. The Center for Cooperative Education announces the names of the students who are qualified to go for the International Co-op.
  10. Students confirm to go for Co-op work abroad.
  11. Students prepare the documents needed for going abroad and the proper procedures required by each country must be followed.
  12. Students meet with their academic advisor and listen to the special message from the Rector.
  13. Students receive the job offering form, letter to parents or guardians, and the Job supervisor’s Packet.
  14. Students travel and report to work in the workplace abroad.
  15. When working at the workplace, students for International Cooperative Education must complete the process in the same way as the regular Co-op students.