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History of the International Cooperative Education

In the year 2015, the educational institutions and most establishments must be prepared for the consequences arising from the integration towards ASEAN (ASEAN Economic Community: AEC). As a result, the movement of goods, services, investment and skilled workers are more liberal (free flows of goods, services, investment, and skilled labor). The preparation for dealing with such changes is necessary and must be done immediately. As an institution, Suranaree University of Technology has a mission to produce quality graduates in science and technology to serve the society and the nation. Graduates who completed their studies with a valuable human resource are in-demand in the labor market both domestic and abroad. To improve the human resources for efficient production, management and marketing in the international level would enhance the competitiveness of the country.

            To prepare the students with the future changes as well as enhance the student’s competitiveness in their performance, the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development at Suranaree University of Technology has been preparing for the implementation of international education (International Cooperative Education Program: ICP) on the first term of 2012. The preparation for the first-generation of students is on term 3 of 2011 (January – April 2011) and students will go for their cooperative education to another country on term 1 (May – August 2012)