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International Cooperative Education
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สหกิจศึกษา ประวัติความเป็นมา
  1. Enhance the Cooperative Education to international level by seeking partnership with educational institutions and workplaces in ASEAN Region prior to expanding to other countries in other regions.
  2. Be the standard-bearer for International Cooperative Education.
  3. Respond to the Office of the Higher Education Commission in implementing the best practices in the development of an international institution of higher education under the auspices of the Commission on Higher Education to improve the quality of English education to international standards that is recognized on the international setting.
  4. Enhance the quality and capacity in the profession and the academic performance of students in ASEAN countries.
  5. Create an opportunity for Thai educational institutions and workplaces to accept students from ASEAN countries to share their experiences, traditions or culture, and attitude as well as learn various corporate cultures of each country through the collaboration (MOU) between the institutions.