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Strive to achieve service excellence and maintain a national leadership in Cooperative Education.

  1. Finding enough qualified enterprises and workplaces for the students’ need and in accordance with their professional fields.
  2. Prepare the students’ readiness in all aspects necessary for the workplace practicum prior to the Co-op placements.
  3. Coordinating with Co-op supervision promptly, precisely, and accurately in relation to the needs of the people involved.
  4. Developing students’ career continuing from Co-op activities in accordance with the needs of the domestic and international labor market.
  1. To enhance the professional experience and self-development of students that can be valuable over the years.
  2. To provide both public and private enterprises an opportunity to participate in developing the quality of graduates.
  3. The development of curriculum and updated  teaching and learning
  4. To promote and establish the relationship between the University and the workplaces via the students’ placements.
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